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Benefits Of Augmented Reality App Development To Varying Industries




Augmented reality is a technology in which the real world is overlaid, or augmented, with computer-generated image, graphics, sound and even smell. A users view of the real world is enhanced by digital information. It is a blend of digital information with user's environment in real time. Augmented reality is similar to a concept called Computer-mediated reality, where there is a modification or diminishing of the view of reality, rather than an augmentation.

Augmented reality may sometimes be confused with virtual reality, but the two concepts are very much different. While augmented reality enhances what a user is seeing in his current environment, virtual reality completely replaces the real world with a computer generated one. So while Virtual reality can be described as completely immersive, augmented reality can be described as partially immersive. Both, however, provide their users with amazing experience via 3D high-definition audio and video. When compared to virtual reality, augmented reality is much closer to the real world.

The use of sensors and markers in augmented reality algorithm helps to pinpoint the positions of physical objects and places a location for the computer-generated ones.

Currently, augmented reality technology is used in many industries, including marketing, tourism, oil and gas, healthcare, etc., and everyone can benefit from this latest advancement in technology.

Let's quickly take a look at the benefits of augmented reality in the field of business;


This is one aspect where AR app development has about the most impact. With these android or iOS AR apps, there will be lesser cases of chargebacks occasioned by wrongful purchases and return. Now, customers can try out different new clothes to see which fits better without actually wearing them. You can check to see if a set of furniture actually suits your home without having to buy it. You can browse through several colors for a car before actually settling on the one that suits you most.


Augmented reality app development can be very useful in the area of manufacturing, as it can be used for digital maps and plants. This would save a ton of money and time. The feasibility of a plant location can be ascertained via an augmented reality app. It can also be used by project managers to monitor work progress using augmented reality markers on equipment.

Education and Training:

This is another field where augmented reality plays a very crucial role. It is often believed that what is seen or, better still experienced, in the course of learning never leaves the mind. With augmented reality apps, lecturers and teachers can simulate educationally relevant environment which will be most invaluable in teaching their students. The students will be able to experience this educationally relevant environment or scenarios right from the comfort of their classrooms, thus creating a better learning experience. Through the development of augmented reality apps, students can take a trip to the zoo and experience different aspects of nature.

Augmented reality is also a great tool for educational training. With these apps, medical students can try out their first surgeries without harming anyone in the process. Astronauts can also use these tools for space exploration test without the attendant risk and money required in real life.

Travel and Tourism:

Travelers and tourists will never get lost again with augmented reality installed unto their GPS mobile apps. With this tool, they would be able to find places of interest with much ease, as this destination will be superimposed and pinpointed on their view of the real world. This tool will also give information about different sightseeing location, help to translate street signs etc. Even in museums, the addition of a new layer of cultural information adds to the overall experience.

The future of augmented reality display with regards to travel is to be nothing more than just a pair of glasses. This glasses will show informative graphics in the field of view of its user with corresponding audio, enlightening him about whatever he is looking at.

Other walks of life where augmented reality app development finds immense relevance includes;


With augmented reality, surgeons will find it much easier to conduct certain surgical procedures which were initially considered too risky. One of such surgeries is that of the brain. The brain is a mass of nerve, billions of them, bundled together. Each layer or section is responsible for certain behavior or functionality. Meddling with any of these nerves without a proper guide is highly risky. The brain is still not well understood by medicine. But with augmented reality, medicine has taken a huge leap forward in the overall understanding of the brain. Procedures can be carried out on the brain with a greater degree of certainty, as computer-generated relevant images can be superimposed on the brain, informing the surgeon on which areas he should touch and that which to stay away from.


Augmented reality apps also hold important relevance for the military, as it can be used majorly for training. With superimposed images in the real world, soldiers can train for battle in whatever terrain they wish to. This helps to cut down on training cost while giving a unique experience. Training can be as close to reality as possible, creating better and more versatile soldiers.


Augmented reality can be employed by architects as they can superimpose planned structures in proposed location and visualize its feasibility in that location. Trimble Navigation is an example of such application. It can also be applied to an architect workspace, bringing into visualization the 3D animation of the architect 2D plans. This helps the architect to have a better view of his plan, and make the necessary adjustments if needed. Even in during sightseeing, augmented reality can assist users to view not just the exterior but even the interior objects and layout.

Practically, it was applied in the Christchurch earthquake by the University of Canterbury, to guide planners and engineers to understand the previous landscape.


The gaming industry is one of the biggest and earliest users of augmented reality applications. The technology can be used to develop games created for indoor environment, some of such games include, Titans of space and AR air hockey. The augmented reality app development company, Niantic, is one of the industry leaders in the creation of augmented reality games such as Ingress and Pokemon go.

Industrial Design:

Augmented reality apps can be used in industrial design to visualize the design of an equipment and its operation before its completion. It was used by Volkswagen in its crash test exercise. It can also be used in the development of cars, adjusting its structure, color, and engine layout according to the taste of the manufacturer.


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