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A Final Word...

Kavik Kang


I have been at this for almost two years now, and I have run out of things too say. I think I said it as well as I ever will and would really like this blog to end on the “leave them laughing” note of the glimpse of the robot story arc of the last post in the comments in the previous blog entry. After 35 years of trying to do what I was born to do, that experience tells me that none of this will have mattered and I still won't wind up getting to do the one thing that I was born to do. Maybe someone will wind up contacting me about my games, or Rube, or just an opportunity to work as a game designer. But don't expect that too happen even though, in 2018, I am one of the most experienced and knowledgeable game designers in the world.

While I still have everybody's attention I thought I would add this last blog post so that these last two years have not been a complete waste of time. A lot of people reading this have a lot of money. It is also common for corporations to support charitable causes. Some people donate to a charity annually, often around Christmas. If you, or your company, makes regular charitable donations I'd like you to consider a cause that few people have heard of.

Epidermalysis Bullosa is one of the worst medical conditions known to medical science. It is very rare, and is known as “the worst disease you've never heard of”. The people who are born with it never know a single instant without pain. Not a single millisecond of their lifetimes. In fact, their pain begins about 6-8 weeks before they are even born. It is among the most painful and horrifying medical conditions that a person can have, and the people who have it suffer more than almost anyone who is ever born. And that suffering never ends, never lets up for a single instant.

One of these reasons that most have never heard of it before is that it is so rare, and so many who are born with it die before their 20th birthday. Adults with EB are fairly rare. There is no cure, there is no treatment. There is almost nothing at all that doctors can currently do about EB. Because it is so unknown among the public, they have a great deal of trouble raising money to help find a cure and help lower income by the very expensive bandages that people with EB need. So, please, this year, make your donation to DEBRA, because they need the money more than most and nobody knows who they are.




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We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan


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