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Crazy Seas DevBlog #1

Venatus Games




Whoa! Our first Development Blog! 

This is incredibly exciting for us, and hopefully will be just as exciting for you. Below you will be able to read some information on our up and coming game, 'Crazy Seas'. We have so much planned for this game and we are just in the very beginning stages, so before you read too much into anything, remember that 99% of what you see here is subject to change. A lot of the GIFs of in game footage you'll see here will be placeholder art or very Work-In-Progress. So again, take everything with a grain of salt. We are using a ton of temporary assets while we focus on development so try to look at the bigger picture. Alright with that said, keep on reading to find out more about 'Crazy Seas' and to even hear about some possible ways you can help out!


What is 'Crazy Seas'?

CS is a top down, 2D, pirate MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy pirate world. The game is planned to have a fairly large universe that is filled with player driven content. CS is a game that caters to you. If you want to be a total pacifist and stay away from any sort of combat, you can be a trader and stick to areas where you're unlikely to be sunken. Or, if you're battle hungry and lusting for loot, you can choose to be a fighter and dominate your enemies. Even if you're looking for a little of both, there's something for you in an Explorer like class. You can mix and match various classes of ships to fit to your liking until you're ready to take to the seas. You can earn treasure, gold, and experience  from traveling in the world, and there's so much more than just these basic things. But for now, let's stick to the basics. Stay tuned in DevBlogs to come to find out what else is planned for the game.



Right now, ships have basic movement finished. You can sail around, make turns, and even bump into other ships. Neat right? ships.gif.5a95370a781260b86285c9a8c34baa81.gif

We have two ships currently in game, the basic ship and the Dinghy. The Dinghy, or something similar, will be the starter ship for all players when you first join. It has one weapon slot, but can still pack a punch.


Eventually, there will be lots and lots of different ship types. We want there to be many tiers of progression and lots of different classes of ships. A trading ship should have more storage than a fighter, just as a fighter should have more storage than a trader. The goal is for each ship to have a set slot count, but randomized stats depending on what class its in. Each ship type will also have some different skins you can get to make it look cooler because let's be honest everyone wants a bad ass ship.

Ship Combat

Combat in ships is physics based. This way it requires some level skill to hit other players and doesn't automatically do it for you. This allows for even little ships to have a chance of surviving an encounter with a much larger ship. We have some things planned in the future to buff out weapons with various skills, (Fire cannonballs? Yes please!) but right now we have 3 weapons integrated out of a bunch that we have planned.

The first one is the Basic Cannon...


As you can see, this one isn't anything to fancy. It has medium range and in turn does medium damage. This is the most basic weapon and will probably be the most used. Just like ships, we plan to randomize that stat values of weapons and allow higher level players to use higher level weapons. Weapons will also have a unique skin system allowing them to function the same, but look 1000% more awesome.


We also have a Shotgun Cannon...


Currently, this is my favorite weapon by far. I mean just look at it. Shotguns fire in a cone and sacrifice range for high amounts of damage. Right now, a shot gun eviscerates a Basic Ship at close range. Obviously ships with more health won't be one shot, but smaller ships or ships that are low on health will be eaten alive. Here's a GIF of that.


Ships take damage in our game whenever they're hit, but there is a visual effect to it too. We want people to VISUALLY see the damage of the ship as it loses more health, that way you don't need to rely just on the health bar. When you hit another ship, it becomes combat tagged. Its speed becomes slightly slower and it's health bar becomes visible. This combat tag stops ships from speeding away (you'd have to use an ability to make a speedy exit now) and allows you to see how well they're faring. This also makes combat and aiming easier. Combat Tag will eventually be used to stop people from logging out or quitting the game mid fight as well. Here's a GIF.


And here's a GIF of some of the current cycle of damage ticks. We want to add some more, including some cool fiery effects.



Your health is reflected to you in your health bar, so if you take damage you can see it there. healthbar.gif.1957d4583aba9f1bc021fb34f7fbbe6e.gif

The Combat Tag prevents us from having annoying health bars floating on all the ships 24/7.


Modular System

Wondering why you haven't seen any sails? Well there's a good reason. They don't exist yet. Ships are going to be modular. What this means is you'll be able to drag and drop different parts on to your ship depending on how many slots it has. A fighter ship probably won't have has many slots for utilities, like sails and a crow's nest, but in turn would have more slots for weapons. Right now we have a basic system for this, but you'll have an inventory full of all your stuff later. (Also take a peak at the Ram, the third weapon that I mentioned earlier. It's in the game but doesn't have a function yet.)




Wind System

We also have a dynamic wind and weather system in our game... or at least we plan to. Right now we have a basic wind system implemented. When you're not moving, you'll slowly, and I mean slowly, drift in the direction the wind is blowing. However, when you're moving, you'll receive a nice boost for following the wind. This allows players who want to utilize the wind to get a nice reward while at the same time not hindering players who need to travel in a different direction. We definitely want to incorporate sails into this system as well so that you'll be able to get an even bigger boost for changing your course to fit the wind. Here's a GIF of the temporary wind meter and demonstrating some basic wind.


The wind can change strength and direction, and does so randomly. The longer it has been since a wind change, the higher chance it has to change. The longer it has been since strong wind, the higher chance for there to be stronger wind. And vice versa. It's actually a fairly adept system. Weather will play a big role into the wind eventually as large storms and/or blizzards will have an effect on it.



Right now, we have a basic Mini-Map as seen here.


It's nothing to special. and we're still deciding exactly how it will work. You will be able to see nearby points of interest and other ships by using your Crow's Nest, and probably will be able to track quests too. We're open to suggestions. We want to have a larger map as well that you can use to navigate across the very large world. The Map will be heavily decided by players, and various player made crews will be able to claim sections of it, but we'll get to that in a future post. 



This is really the last major feature I have to talk about in this blog, but it's in its very early stages as well. In CS you'll be able to dock at ports at various islands to access the towns where you can receive quests, buy and sell, and lots more. We want our game to have a player driven Economy, and without getting to in depth (save that for later ;) , each island's trade goods will be different. You'll want to go where the best deals are. You'll be able to quick sell by just docking your boat at a port, but we also want you to be able to get out and explore the town or city. We're still designing this system, but here's a sneak peek.



The menu for switching your weapons opens up when you dock, but can be opened on the fly by using the "I" key. The opening of the menu at the dock is just temporary. You are locked into the dock once your there and you need to hit Undock to sail away. Eventually we want to have lots of space on the docks so you can see other players ported there. The islands and docks will be MUCH larger than they are now, this is just placeholder stuff for testing. 


Eventually we want you to be able to toss an anchor up on an island that doesn't necessarily have a town or has a dungeon or other places to explore, but that's a heavy work in progress and there's not too much to share. Here's a tiny GIF sneak peek, but it's all placeholder for now.S


I'll have much more to share on land, treasure hunting, land combat, and AI in a future post.

So, What's Next?

Well first off, thanks for reading this far. If we caught your attention and this is something you're interested in, stay tuned for more posts and feel free to comment with questions and suggestions. We really want to be active developers and interact with out future community. If you have a genuinely good idea, don't feel shy. We may like it and it may end up in the game. In the next few update blogs, you'll be hearing about more developments on combat, skills, the map, land movement and interaction, and the economy. We have so much more on our road map than that, but it's going to take hard work and will be awhile before anything makes an appearance. We're open to the idea of a Kickstarter and are aiming to publish the game to an alpha version eventually, so please stay tuned. 


I mentioned earlier about helping out and what you could do, and if you're skilled in anything, feel free to shoot us a message. We are looking to expand our team. Below are some specific examples of what we're looking for, but feel free to reach out in other ways. Our twitter is @venatus_games, and you can find updates there as well. Thank you so much for checking out our game, and we hope you stick around to help build a Crazy Open Sea created by the players.


Open Positions:

Artists - We are looking to expand our art team and break away from placeholder art. Here are some concepts/styles we'd like you to be able to draw in or close to. You need to be capable of drawing module pieces for ships, terrain, and buildings. Be prepared to work on some items and other sprites as well. We are flexible. You can contact us by commenting below or adding Jack#2228 on Discord. 


Programmers - While we already have a strong development team, we are looking to add one or two more programmers. You need to be efficient and know what you're doing with Unity, and also have some Networking experience. If you're interested in being a part of an epic game, you can contact us by commenting below or adding Jack#2228 on Discord. 




Recommended Comments

Sounds really ambitious, I hope your network programmer is up to scratch! :)

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1 hour ago, jbadams said:

Sounds really ambitious, I hope your network programmer is up to scratch! :)

Haha, He's quite talented!

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Looking forward to seeing your progress, there's always room for more pirate themed games! :)

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3 hours ago, swiftcoder said:

Sounds sort of like grapeshot.

Basically yes. That was the inspiration. It's more of a mounted shotgun because we're planning some other gun type weapons.

9 hours ago, jbadams said:

Looking forward to seeing your progress, there's always room for more pirate themed games! :)

Thanks! :)

Edited by Jack W

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I love your concept! Very cool! Keep us updated!

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4 hours ago, Rutin said:

I love your concept! Very cool! Keep us updated!

Will do! New Blog coming soon with loads of changes! :)

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