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Breakout The Dark Prison, Androids New Survival Sensation



The zombie survival horror genre is a sub-niche that has gained immense popularity during the last decade or so. Partly, because of "The Walking Dead," a television series that raised the profile of zombie-themed media as a marketable product. Though that could well be true, there are many games of the survival horror sub-genre. Some of them more successful than others.

Now, with a big boom in the iOS/Android market many Developers are turning to the Android platform. To produce and showcase their wares. What with the fundamental, technological advances in recent years? That said, admittedly, there is no better time than now for a zombie, survival horror game to emerge on the iOS marketplace.

Over the eras, there have been many excellent zombie survival games. Who can forget Joel and Ellie's emotional rollercoaster, The Last of Us? Or rather, the remake of Capcom's classic horror "Resident Evil 2." A game that went on to receive critical acclaim. Finally, we have the sick slaughterhouse that is Dead Rising. Well-known for its carnage and chaos in equal measure.

All these games span across multiple platforms from Xbox to PS4. Only to have later gone on to establish themselves as iconic IP's. However, despite the genre permeating the console scene, there is little evidence of survival horror making headway in the Android market. That is, until now. Welcome to the stage Breakout: The Dark Prison, an exciting new action role-playing survival horror developed by the talented minds over at Latersoft. The game will be a cross-platform release. And will be gracing both the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the Nintendo Switch and the Apple and Google stores.

A Strong Zombie Survival Story

Nothing can mimic the magic of a decent story. On that note, Breakout: The Dark Prison immerses the player in a dystopian world. Full of unimaginable horrors. Within, a viral outbreak has plagued the world, rendering its inhabitants and those affected as vile abominations not fit for this earth. Just like the best zombie survival games, Breakout: The Dark Prison invites us to witness the effects of the virus first-hand with terrifying results.

The Last of Us on both the PS3 & PS4 gave us insight into the outbreak. Thus, it's essential for the player to connect emotionally with the subject matter, and Breakout: The Dark Prison nails this aspect. Not only does it set the scene with deep post-apocalyptic themes but delivers a poignant story in the process — a touching tale about one father's quest to save his Daughter against all the odds.

Gripping Gameplay

Breakout: The Dark Prison cleverly mixes linear story progression with sprawling open-world environments. The result is a game that rewards the player with challenge-based risk and reward gameplay and narrative segments interwoven into the fabric of the game. True of any story-driven game, Breakout: The Dark Prison tells its yarn through high-end cinematics and dialogue via a rich array of NPC's. 

There's a lot more to Breakout: The Dark Prison than meets the eye. Underneath the visual splendor and pristine polish are the core systems. All of which drive this well-oiled machine. Similar to Dark Souls III on the PS4 and Xbox One, Breakout: The Dark Prison incorporates combat into character progression. As expected in any role-playing game, you'll combine layered hack n slash gameplay with skill attribution alongside ability acquisition. Also, prepare to bite the dust, and endure many a brutal boss fight. All part of the fun in Breakout: The Dark Prison.

Not before long, you'll feel the game cement its hold on you. Both addictive and rewarding, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a title that pushes the player to the brink yet conjures gratifying results. That said, you'll be hooked in no time at all.

All in all, Breakout: The Dark Prison is expected to raise the bar in terms of visual fidelity. Better still, its intricate gameplay systems grant the player great freedom — a concept little known about in the handheld market. In truth, the latest entry in the zombie survival genre is set to break and extend the limits of what's plausible in a video game. Lastly, we can't wait to put this game to the test and endure the perils and pitfalls of "Dark Prison" when it releases soon. Step forth if you dare. The game will be available on the Android and iOS Platform in this summer 2019. Stay tuned!


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