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BabylonJS and TS. Debug, Release, Playground



I will show how to use BabylonJS and TypeScript without Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and so on. Your examples will not be very heavy.

My example includes two versions:

  • Debug. AMD + RequireJS. You should use it with Chrome extension for VSCode for breakpoints. And you can use it to public your multi file TypeScript examples on Playground like this: Getting Started Example in TypeScript
  • Release. CommonJS + Browserify + UglifyJS. You should use it to create a bundle of your JS files for production

How to run my example:

npm i browserify -g
npm i uglifyjs -g
npm i typescript -g
  • Install the modules: babylonjs and @types/requirejs (that are included in my packages.json) using this command:

npm install
  • You should comment/uncomment Debug or Release versions:

<!-- Debug -->
<script data-main="dist_client/RequireConfig"

<!-- Release -->
<!-- <script src="dist_client/bundle.client.min.js"></script> -->

In Program.ts:

// Debug

// Release
// window.onload = () => Program.Main();
  • Build Debug Version using this command:
npm run build-debug-client
  • Or build Release Version using this command:
npm run build-release-client


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I copied this description to GitHub: https://github.com/8Observer8/babylonjs-npm-getting-started-typescript

I wanted to add specs to BabylonJS projects to Debug and Release versions. I will use Jasmine. I made this simple example using TypeScript: https://plnkr.co/edit/77Ex6gPTBxQyyXNML9tk?p=preview

You can run the unit test by clicking on "Run Unit Tests" button. But this example does not use Mock-objects. I will make an example how to mix Jasmine mocks and BabylonJS together. I like to write unit tests for my code.

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