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It seems - after messing about with things in safe mode - that I've finally removed whatever obscure thing it was that caused XP SP2 to completely screw over my computer whenever it moved within a 5m radius of it. Some UPnP thing.

So this post was made from the joy that is an XP SP2 system that doesn't take five hours to go from the "Windows is starting up..." message to the login screen... touch wood.

Not much else to say except that we had rehearsal from 3pm; we were expecting to go past 10pm but after everyone was in costume and we actually got started at 5pm, the first act was finished by 6:30pm and I eventually left at 9:30pm. That's the first time we've rehearsed on the stage itself, and also the first time we were in costume all the way through with changes, so I'm pretty damn pleased. (I also chatted with the 12-year-old girl with a crush on me some more - she asked if I'd read the 'note' she gave me, to which I just said "yes", and she didn't ask further. I guess I'm happy to use her lack of confidence to hold this back for the time being... only a week to go now anyway).

I'm also sorely disappointed by the lack of people PMing me for tickets. I mean, given that this journal is such a cornerstone of the Internet, you'd expect more people to be passing through and taking an interest...
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