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No Death But True Death

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Lots of time spent writing with the C++ book and looking for work. Not much design time. :(

Did have a great brainstorming session, though, walking around my local park. God I love sunshine!

* Getting some great feedback from folks in the Game Design forum on the possibility of enemies and players who can't be killed. Flesh or steel is just a shell that enhances your true stats, so getting killed is getting deleveled. Segmented "soul recovery" networks, factional fighting and gameplay to absorb enemies makes this rich with possibility.

* Opens up the controversial possibility of removing saves except for exit & autosaves for bugs.

* Solved a major art asset / graphic engine challenge, which may save money & speed up gameplay: Systems of tele-porter doors that have the potential to pack the space of a battleship inside a grain of sand. Need to explore portal issues with Torque engine to see if windows & such are possible, but this could move the focus to modeling rooms rather than massively interconnected geometry. (What a FREAKIN' headache!!!)

* Pods, glyphs and holographic privacy screens may help cut down on killer animation requirements

* VO could be Star Wars / Trek alien mishmash-speak to help cut out some costs for VO

* Level transitions that actually do something for your character MIGHT take some of the sting off of level loads

That's all for now. Back to writing...
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