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Crap and stuff

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Dug out luabind and started tinkering with it. And in the process I (finally) moved on to Lua 5.0. I've been sticking with 4.0 because they changed a few things and I didn't really want to break a bunch of existing code. But since I'm not working on any of that existing code right now, I figured I'd play around.

First off, template meta-programming frightens me. It frightens me badly. I tried the Beta 6 release (old) of luabind, and got compiler errors due to inclusion of a deprecated boost::mpl header. If you've ever seen an mpl compiler error, then you have known soul-wrenching terror. [grin] I enlisted snk_kid's help in #gamedev and got things sorted; turns out I needed to grab the latest CVS, which eliminates the deprecated dependency on apply_if, and everything was cheery.

So far, it is... interesting. After using tolua for so long, it feels strange to do things the way luabind does them, but I can see a lot of advantages. luabind integrates Lua code with the underlying C++ representations of things a lot tighter, even going so far as to allow Lua script to derive from C++ classes and overload virtual functions if desired. This is something evolutional and I have discussed briefly, and I have seen how it could be extremely useful. It's also easier to access native Lua objects and code from C++ code as well, as luabind provides an object to encapsulate a Lua object, with a hefty set of methods to fiddle with it. Personally, I believe that the less the C++ code fiddles with the Lua code the better; still, this capability could come in handy at some point.

I'll need to do a lot more playing around with it though, since I'm pretty unfamiliar with how everything works.

In other news, Washu's journal > *.

willystickman: What up, bro? You keeping shit together up there?
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yeah, luabind is pretty cool, I've used it in a full project before now and was really happy with it.

I think its also going to be intergrated with boost at some point (doing some magic to give it the same backend as the python stuff or some such).

and yes, Washu's journal > *

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What's up man, yeah I'm doing allright. I'm pretty much recovered from my bout with spontaneous combustion, with minimal scarring! I was looking at your 3d screen shots the other day from Golem. That looks bad ass. Anyways, I better get back to work, check out this link I snagged from Penny Arcade. Take er easy Bro.


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I wonder how LuaBind compares to my current gmBind methods... Probably better =)

Are we using Lua now? I'm not bothered either way.

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