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Physics Fun

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Stephen R


Dr Default and I have been wokring on game ideas since the release of Jailbreak. We must have gone through four or five games so far, but the one we're working on looks really promising. I can't say too much about it yet because there really is that much thats been decided on yet and I don't want to be correcting myself in a day or two.

But what there is going to be is lots of gravity based physics. I whipped up this little physics test app in SDL yesterday:

It randomly generates the stars (the red things), and their gravity pulls you (the blue thingys). It great fun flying around being pulled around by the stars and doing cool stunts like slingshotting around two or three stars in a row and coming out at a rediculous speed.

And I've rigged up a site for The Educatrix which you can see here. You may notice that it seems to be the exact same as the GTL site with different content and the name changed in the banner, but its not. I actually sat down and designed a completely new site from scratch which just happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to my previous one.

So the rest of today is devoted to getting my teeth stuck into The Educatrix. The general design is pretty much clear so now I just have to get it working.

By popular demand here is the gravity sim. Use the left and right arrows to turn. The up arrow to go forward and space to reset the map if you get stuck in a star. Enjoy
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It's realy just a load of dots, but yeah its fun. Its odd though how much fun extremely simple games can be and how little fun they can become when you throw a whole load of features and graphics on top.

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Okee dokee. I threw up the exe, so you can play around with it if you want.

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