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2006 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500

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Some of the biggest news to come out of Ford in recent history was the introduction of the new 2005 Mustang. Completely redesigned in retro style, this is the first Mustang ever to be designed completely from scratch! What does that mean? It means that this is commonly accepted as the best Mustang Ford has ever built. Not only does it look great (subjective, I know), it has an incredibly strong frame, making it one of the best handling Mustangs ever, the new V6 is a huge 4.0 litre putting out 210hp, only 15 less than the super popular fox body Mustang 5.0's from the eighties. The GT now has a 300HP 4.6 liter V8, making it the most powerful Mustang GT to date.

Way back in the day, a race car driver name Carol Shelby modified some Ford Mustangs, and called them Shelby Cobra Mustangs (or whatever permutation you like best), in both the GT-350 and GT-500 models (these cars have interesting histories also, but that is beyond the scope of this entry). Sometime around the early '90s Ford created the Special Vehicle Team (SVT) and brought the Cobra name back to the Mustang with the '93 Mustang Cobra, and basically since then the Mustang Cobra has been the top version of the Mustang. The new 2005 Mustang, however, has no Cobra model. However, there was talk that Carol Shelby would once again put his name on a Mustang, and that has become a reality for 2006 (in car years, that means this fall).

"Hey, Gramps." "Hey, kid."

So let's see, the new Mustang gives us the most powerful V6 Mustang ever (afaik), most powerful GT ever, so what does this GT-500 give us? Yep, the most powerful production Mustang ever created. Using a tuned version of the engine found in the 2000 SVT Cobra R, this baby is powered by a supercharged 5.4 liter pushing out 450 horsepower and equal torque! I can't wait to see the performance numbers for this thing. And before anyone says "I can't wait to see the gas mileage for this thing.", I'd just like to point out that nobody pretends this is going to be a daily driver.

They say they're going to try to keep the price in the 30 thousands, like previous Mustang Cobras, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that you won't be able to buy them for that. They're even having trouble keeping up with demand for the GT's, and I don't know how many GT500s they plan on producing.

Here's a link for more information (and quite a lot) on this car.
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That'd be awesome if the new Camaro looked like that, I haven't heard anything about it. I saw Chevy's Super Sport (I think that's just what they called it) at the Denver auto show earlier this year, and I gotta say, it was ugly, hopefully they don't take too many design tips from it. I can see some similarities from it in the pic you linked to, but the front is totally different which is good cause that was the ugly part.

I'm looking forward to the return of the Camaro and Firebird.

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Me too. Unfortunately, none of the finished cars ever look anything like the concepts that float about the internet.

Concept car from the official Dodge website for the Dodge Charger R/T

That is one hell of a juicy car. If it looks anything like that, it will be parked in my garage, along with the Camaro if it looks anything like the above linked render. But I'm not holding my breath.

New old cars (like the new stang) and the likes are actually ugly, IMO. I like the newest GTO, but don't care much for the 'Stang. I'll probably be driving old muscle cars for the rest of my life since they are the sexiest beasts ever.

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Yeah, I remember seeing that concept picture a while back, unfortunately that's not what it's going to look like. Also at the auto show they had the new Charger and RT, and while from head on I think they look kinda cool, the car as a whole is kinda ugly in my opinion. Which is too bad because the Charger was pretty much the baddest muscle car ever.

Edit: also, Dodge is doing this thing where they're reincarnating their old muscle cars as pickups, I don't have any links right now, but it's pretty strange if you ask me.

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