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ow, ow, ow, ow

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Morning everyone,

I have a sad story to tell:

Bad Thing:
Last friday, the seal between my engine block and the cyclender head of my 1997 Toyota Camry LE, spung a leak, causing it to drip oil and smoke, and otherwise be undrivable.

Good Thing
Given that my camry is old and has plenty of problems, I decided to draw the line here, and get a new car. So I went to the dealdership and bought a new 2005 Toyota Matrix XR =)

Bad Thing
So everything was going good, or so I thought. Yesterday, Sunday, my aunt called me up and asked if I wanted to go to Staples with her, I agreed, and off we went in her 2002 Toyota Camry LE, I got some new pens(I like pens), and she got some foam-core board she needed for a sign. We both decided that we should go for some soft serve before she brought me back to my apartment.

We were going westbound on route 9 about a mile from the Cooley-Dickenson bridge, trafic was heavy, 40 MPH.

So there we are driving and a car going eastbound, tries to pass in a no-passing zone, cant pull off his manuver because of the heavy traffic and smacks head on into us.

Our car got pushed back and spun into the eastbound lane, where it clipped a pathfinder, and eventualy came to rest, when the back wheels struck the curb.

Airbags deployed, crumple zones crumpled, dashboard was in pieces, everything did what it should, but it felt like hundreds of bee stings all over your body, from the impact shock.

We were rushed to the hospital via ambulence, and xrayed, and treated for cuts, burises, seatbelt 'burns', and etc.

I sustaned some nice bruising on my abdomen and chest, my right leg apparently got smashed, so most of the muscles in it are pulled, my left knee struck the cener console and was bleeding, and my neck has a nice gash from the seatbelt.

Passengers in the offending vehicle suffered similar injuries.

All in all I feel like a car hit me ([grin]), but I am alive and breathing, thanks to airbags and seatbelts.

I am going to be out of commision for a while, since moving is hard and im just kinda jostled.

Here was a picture i was planning to show on monday, so here it is:

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Whoah! Glad to see your still with us and motivated enough to throw up a post for us all to gander at. ;)

Awsome SS!

Take care bud and get better soon.

/`David McGraw/

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For some reason, the enemies in Diablo 2 didn't look so generic and I don't know why. Maybe it's because they were all monsters as oppose to other human beings. In any case, that looks great!

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So, how is your aunt feeling?
And do you have medical insurance?

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Aunt is fine, similar injuries to mine.

yes we both have medical insurance, but in this case, the car insurance *since we carry (forgot what it is called) a plan that pays medical bills for driver and passenger up to a certain price (which are are in the range of)*

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Hope everything is OK for your aunt and yourself.

Hopefully the idiot had insurance and can help fund your nect development effort. :)

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