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## Holy crap, more Lazteroids 2!

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Not like anyone cares, really ... but I did more work on the controls for Lazteroids 2 last night. I got it rotating along with the mouse, so it points wherever the mouse is. Though talking with a friend, he mentioned a better way of doing it, so going to try to implement that tonight.

I got it going in the right direction too, with a velocity and such, but it's giving me some problems which I hope to iron out today or tomorrow. As for now, I guess i'll throw up a link to what I have done so far.


It might move a little too fast according to your system. I have time based movement in there, but i'm doing some calculations wrong and only found out last night right before bed, so I'll fix it, but that is what i'm working on right now. Keep in mind, the ship is an asteroid for now, and in the end, it will not follow your cursor like a lost dog. That is the "some problems" I ran in to, which should be relatively easy to fix. I just ran out of go-juice last night while programming.

I'm sorry my "demo" couldn't be anything more fun.

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