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Disappointment and 'A New Hope' (tm)

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I lied. Time constraints and unexpected interruptions ruined my planned development time and as a result only a threadbare sidescroller engine was begun. This saddens me, but somehow I think I'll get over the urge to suffocate myself with an Amulet of Strangulation +1. Somehow. Here's an image of how far the game was along:

Yes, I cried too. All of the graphics are obviously placeholders, and no enemies or weapons got coded in. I think I'll learn from this procrastination mistake and get started early on my 4E4 entry. :D

In other news, I'm currently developing a fun little overhead 1-2 player crazy-shoot-em-up game, similar in gameplay to Doom or Serious Sam. Basically big levels, legions of enemies, and lots of traps and tricks. Yum. Here's a screenshot of the basic little tile engine that it entails so far. Plans are in the work for non-uniform tiles, not to mention transitions:

Everything is overly ugly right now, but as I post more screenshots, I promise it'll get prettier. :)
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I felt like one of the only people on Gamedev doing a sidescroller, but now 4E4 is here, everybodies doing one. Makes me cry.


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Of course -- zombies, robots, ninjas and pirates are best experienced in a sideview perspective. Everybody knows that. ;)

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