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Getting there

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... well this test lead development is proving its worth. Developing new parts of the robot game and well the 8th test past first time I coded it but the 6th one failed after changes I made to get the 8th working.

Now if I was using a ui and just playing the game this one might have slipped through until a lot later, but these automated test things pointed out a symptom and I was able to check the cause.

Anyways I reckon the robot game logic part of the game is 85% done now. Perhaps this discipline may actually pay off, because when I start the 2D visualastion of the game I should be 100% confident that if something doesn't look right - it's the visual layer and not the game layer.

Something I miss about C# and Java when coming back home to my C++ roots is the lack of delegates and events. Yeah you can do them - and I've got the trusty "Design Patterns" Gamma et al on my desk with blueprints and code for the Observer pattern... but it would be nice if it was all built in like in those higher level languages.

I say C++ my roots... I guess before that it was Pascal, Amiga stuff (blitz, E, etc), then C64 basic, Spectrum basic, BBC Basic (well on an Acorn Electron anyway), Oric-1 Basic (virtual cookie for anyone who has ever used/owned an Oric ;-) ). I've been at this literally since I was 4... how did I desend in to being just another developer? I dunno, it's sad though [sad]
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