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Much organising is in order

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I've been camping for a couple of days - possibly miles from the nearest computer. It is nice to get away from everything, even if it is only for 48 hours [grin]

Anyway, so I get back and check my emails/newsgroups... seems that the MVP summit sign-up is out now.

I'd like to go - as much to get a chance to put some faces to the names you see around on these forums (provided they actually turn up...) and as much as it just sounds interesting.

Thing is, I've never organised flights myself (only ever been on 2 return journeys!) and never ever been to the USA. That and it might cost me around GBP500 in flights (??) from the UK over to USA.

Looks like I've got around 6-7 weeks to figure this one out [looksaround]

I was doodling in the car on the way home today, drew up some good examples on why attribute sorting is good for maximising 3D rendering performance. Might post those tomorrow if I get time!

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