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ATI or GeForce

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I've always prefered ATI cards for the fact that they're boxes seem to give more information that GeForces. But lately I've been noticing that a lot of people have problems with ATI cards.

Currently I have:
128MB ATI Radeon 9250 Xtasy Series

Could someone please recommend a better GeForce card (I'd like on that supports the newer shader versions; I've got a budget of about $100 dollars)? (I've been looking at the BFG GeForce OC 5500.)


Edit: also, it needs to be AGP 8x.
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(I've been looking at the BFG GeForce OC 5500.)

Nononononononononononononononnonnnonooooonnoonono NO

If it starts with "GeForce" and the number is > 5000 and < 6000 STAY THE FREAKING HELL AWAY!

If you want a good budget card that cna do SM2.0, I'd strongly recommend going with ATi, as nVidia severely botched the 5x00 line of cards. 9600 Pros are fairly cheap, with power comparable to a GeForce 4. IF you're feeling a bit richer though, I'd suggest going with an 9800Prot or XT.

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I use a PCI-E x16 6600GT. I believe it's also available in AGP8X.

I haven't had a single crash with it, and it runs cool and quiet and was fully supported under every OS I tried, which is more than I can say for ATI's awful Linux drivers. The NVidia 5xxx cards aren't as good as they could be (the 5900XT is a damn fine card though) so I would consider a 6-series.

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As an ex-nvidia employee, the 5700 cards are not that bad, but otherwise, yes the 5x00 series suck. How about a 6200?

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