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This is going to be a short post 'cause its bed time.

I've been too tired after work this past week to do much of anything, what with all the overtime. However, I've managed to sneak in a bit of modelling. Here's a couple shots of my progress on my female character. Its been smoothed over once, so the actual character is much lower poly.

I've still have a lot to do. I've just been figuring out female anatomy - no actual characterization yet. The upper body looks too masculine; I think the back is too thick and the shoulders too wide.

I've been looking at some of Erik Asorson's work. Its inspirational.
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Some general critiques. I'm assuming your going for a more realistic look.

Proportions are a bit off.
Upper torso looks about right, and what I'm basing the rest of my size comparisons on.
Feet are too big.
Knees, Thighs, Hips need to be fleshed out. Not many people have calves bigger then their thighs.
Hourglass figures don't exist on a body type of those proportions generally w/o weight issues, corsets, etc. And if your going for the bulimic/anorexic look, you'd need visable ribs etc.

All in all very good work. Much better then I'm currently able to do in Wings3D. :D

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I'd say that it's a good start. What are your main interest in game related areas? Also, I played your chicken game, I had a hard time adjusting to the controls and after about four attempts, I gave up. Seems like it would be a good flash game, if the controls were a little more user friendly.

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Erik Asorson is a rockstar.

He did all of the character models for my game 'Gang War'...all those gangster characters on his site :-D

He really is a talanted artist.

- Dan

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MustEatYemen: Thanks for the anatomy critique. I could see something wrong but it was good to get an objective view.
TraderJack: Yeah I just discovered cgtalk a few days ago. Lots of inspiring stuff there.
DecipherOne: Thanks for commenting on the chicken game. Everyone who's played has said the same thing about the controls. Its funny because I can fly really easily - I can just hover over the ground and bomb the turtles at point-blank one after another. I guess it just takes practice.
Rob Loach: Hehe no reason. It was a co-incidence (pun intended). Really!
dgreen02: Yeah I've seen your game. It inspires me to get off my butt and keep working. It looks excellent so far - looking forward to seeing it published.
Ravuya: Yeah its a WIP so the head/neck is more of a stump ATM. Hopefully I'll make some more progress tonight.

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Original post by Rob Loach
Is there a reason why the 0,0,0 axis is on her crotch?

Wow didn't notice that, now I can't stop laughing. :D

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