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The cat ftw.

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Why, I must say, as a man who is very learned in his love for the motion picture, that the "movie" entitled "The Ladykillers"* has most successfully lulled my persona into such a state of joy that I may call this "picture" of sorts a masterpiece, if you will.

Now, try to guess who my favourite character is.


Anyway, 'twas a good movie, so I recommend it to anybody who's bothered to read today. Also, I saw The Final Cut, and, even though I missed the first 22-23 minutes of the movie, I must say, very, fucking, good.

Well, I'm off.

- Yosh Out.

*A remake of the old 1955 classic, The Ladykillers. Now go see it you wankers.
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I liked The Final Cut a lot more than The Ladykillers, but that's just me.

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Eh, I was in a mood for a comedy, and it was a different comedy at that. Movies that are different certainly catch my eye.

Now, before somebody says "BUT IT"S BASED ON A MOVIE GOMGWTF NUB JESE... GOD... JESE" let me say THIS: 1950's cinematography blew so much fucking chunks (besides the very few directors) that ... they ... made... chunky soup from ... the ... the ... the chunks.

My mind drew a blank, and I had nothing. Alas, my bed awaits me, for it is late.

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