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Melee Combat

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One of the things I added into the game in my IGF rush, was melee combat. I have baseball bats, fists, and knifes that your gangsters can use as melee weapons. I have different animations for all of the weapon types.

Your gangsters start the game with no weapons. You need to purchase the weapons from the "Weapons Market" then go to the "Gang Manager" window where you can drag+drop unused items into your gangster's inventory.

There are some problems with this, it's rather hard to find to find a certain gangster, and give him a gun, you need to scroll through your Gang Member list, the whole thing just takes too long.

In earlier tests, all your gangsters started with an AK-47...that produced some great gameplay...it was a ton of fun. Having to buy the guns, and drag them into your gangster's inventory seemed to remove that element...which is a shame.

It's still possible to have huge gun fights, you just need to be fast getting weapons to your gangsters before you get attacked. Also it's rather tedious to have to give EVERY gangster a gun, after the 20th time, it gets old lol.

If they don't have a weapon they'll just use the punch attack, which is the weakest attack in the game. Also they're totally defenseless against enemy gangsters with guns.

Here's a screenshot of the melee combat:

There are some ways to fix the problems above...for instance I could make an "Auto assign" weapons feature that would automatically pair your best gangster with the best gun for them that you have in your unused item inventory.

And that stuff is only a problem on a small map with 6 gangs, when you will probably be attacked in the first minute. If you do a medium/large map and only play with 2-3 gangs you have plenty of time to buy guns and give them to your gangsters before you'll encounter an enemy.

These are the weapons that I had in the IGF version I sent out:

I'm going to have close to 30 weapons and 50+ Items in the game that you can buy and give to your gangsters. Right now I've got things like cell phones, kevlar vests, briefcases (to conceal money/drugs/guns), etc. in addition to the weapons.

Yea I've been playing the game a lot, not working on it...I really enjoy it even at this simple state, I hope the IGF judges do too!

- Dan
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This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen on GameDev... is there any possibility of a higher quality movie? Pleeeeeeease? [smile]

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What I would do is have some sort of function where you could highlight a group of gangsters and then open some sort of menu to buy guns for ALL of them.

Syndicate had this feature, you could highlight your entire squad and have them all buy the same gear from the shop.

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I watched your video, and to be honest, it doesn't do the game any good.

The framerate is crap, not to mention the image itself, and the sounds are horrible. You should definitly record a better one, because the move is awfull.

Although I can't wait for the game :).


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Yea, I agree the video is crap...I wish I could just upload a demo for people to play lol...but I can't..the whole publishing deal thing.

I'll keep trying to make a better video. Still it's better than nothing, though not much I guess :-D

- Dan

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For the weapons thing, why not suport grouping of gangsters? That way you can give groups the same weapon at once (through a groups menu or something). This makes sense because you'll probably want to be able to tell all your melee guys to rush in and have your armed guys stand back and fire, and thats really easy if they are grouped by weapons.

I've seen this in other RTS games, but it might be better suited to games with larger number of units in control at once.

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Hmmm good ideas about grouping the gangsters. I was going to allow groups of gangstesr (via Control+1, Control+2...etc.) to gruop gangsters, then you press 1,2,3 to select that group.

I'll probably have shortcuts (press m to select all visible gansgers who have melee weapons), things like that...unless I had a button on the GUI that facilitated that, it seems as though nobody would use it. I'll definantly have something like that in there though.

I think I can eliminate the tedium of assigning weapons to gangsters with an auto assign button, any other way and I'd have to redesign a few windows. Hopefully that will fix it.

I'm still working on trying to get a decent video...my rather old computer might not have enough CPU cycles in it to play the game, aaaand record/encode a video+sound realtime. I'm trying everything.

- Dan

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