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Smokefree times a'coming for me

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Today is the first day of me giving up the dreaded cigarettes!!, yippee!!.

I gave up twice before when I was pregnant and then foolishly started again, each time, when the sleep-depravation that comes with newborns kicked-in.

Anyway, today I've been wearing my sexy new nicotine patch - a nice little 'must have' stick-on accessory, available in a subtle shade of pink with a slight gloss effect and, of course, with neat branding on it.

*walks up and down the catwalk, demurely showing a naked (gasp!) arm*

So far, I'm doing good - it's remarkable that it's actually taken a lot of my withdrawal symptoms away...which is nice :)
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Just like ... whenever you feel like you need a smoke ... you should ... umm ... think of ... slugs ...

... or turtles ...

... okay I really have nothing useful to say, i just felt the desire to respond. Hope you manage to make it through. I don't know first hand how hard it is, but both of my parents smoke and have tried quitting numerous occasions. I've got bad memories of my mother passing out in front of the house and being hospitalized BECAUSE of her smoking, so ... yeah ... it's bad stuff. Best of luck to you.

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I did not have a single cigarette yesterday! and don't say no, you probably had more than that!..that is not constructive!!!!!

My 'don't give in' chant:-
I am a non-smoker - I do not smoke - I have no need for a cigarette - I am doing well for not caving in to the weed's despicable temptations

Help! I must stop talking about cigarettes...they are evil oh my god, the craving is horrendous! I must go and chant again until it passes.....

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Do some yard work. Keep yourself busy and working to keep your mind off of it.

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