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Random Update Number 27b

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So, I figured I should update stuff as I havent for a while, kinda a status update on stuff and a quick summery of things in general.

I started college proper on monday doing the 2nd year of a BSc Software Engineering degree. I've got to be in for 12h a week, 4h monday afternoon and 8h wednesday, however so far we have just vanished early when we got bored, heh, I love student life [wink]

So, up until Xmas we'll be studying
- Database system management
- Object Implimentation
- Object Analysis

The databases stuff is basically learning how they work and how to manage them, shouldnt be too hard as I've done some work with databases in the last few years so know a reasonable amount about them.

Object Analysis is covering how systems can be modeled using objects. Apprently we are going to be using UML, which is good as its one of those things I wanted to look at it but could never be bothered. Down side is its wednesday afternoon and last wednesday I was already yawning at 2:30pm, heh.

Object Implimentation is basically programming stuff in Java. This has gotten off to a bad start as we were dumped into a groups and me and a guy called Mark from our SE group ended up with the two guys who couldnt remember anything about how to program in Java.

The previous week we had a quick intro lesson to it as no one who had done Software Engineering year 1 knew Java, just basic C++. Now, I'd done Java when it first appeared so drawing on old memories I managed to knock the exercises off in a matter of moments.

Watching these two who should 'know' Java was like watching two onkeys tried to work a computer. The design phase was bad enuff, I had to push that along as they didnt have a clue, and then they started ignoring the design (which I knew could be done directly in Java based on my remember knowlege) and started going on about 2D arrays *sighs*

One of them assured me and Mark that they would get the program done and email it to me, however I have slightly less than complete faith in this, as such before wednesday I'll be writing the thing as it was designed and faking the group work, I'd rather not get kicked in the balls on the first exercise..

I'd thrown around the idea of a GTL beta this weekend, however it doesnt look like its gonna happen. I ment todo some code in the last few days however wednesday night I went to spend the evening with a lass, got to hers at about 7:40pm and left again about 4:40pm the following afternoon as I was too tired to go home in the end (well, it was 4am and I'd been up since 7:30am the previous morning) and as it was the last time I'd get to spend with her before she went to Uni today (saturday) I dont think she wanted me to go and nor did I want to [smile]

This week however my time is clear, so a beta becomes much more likely to occur, huzzah!

In other news, MRT with GLSL on ATI hardware now works! However there is still a slight issue, as you are ment to enable it as an extension to GLSL, however including that line causes the shader to fail to compile. I hope its fixed at some point soon [smile]

In investigating that I've decided I need a program which I can use to type in OGL constants and get their values back, so I can confirm infomation. Think of it as a quake like console which translates the key presses to GL commands and returns the values.

From there I could evolve it a bit into a small script testing framework, but my intial idea has some merit I think, it also give me a chance to do some more work with Lua and C++ intergration.

The first thing to get done however is to build a table of GL constant names to values. A C header file => Lua parser would probably do this job nicely, so I'll be investigating this later as well.
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