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Terrain integration, step 1

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I'm progressing well on the terrain integration. I have fixed a problem in the frustum culling code, which caused some planets to disapear when they were close to the edge of the screen. This actually wasn't a bug, but a restriction that i was unaware of, to the standard frustum culling algorithm ( the bbox vs 6 planes one ) regarding on how close the znear plane can be, which i fixed by adjusting the distance to the znear plane.

The two screens above are again at sunset ( or close to ), to "hide" the lack of detail texture on the terrain ( yeah i'm cheating ). The terrain is still very simple, until i add all the details and noise back.
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Quote: "hide" the lack of detail texture on the terrain ( yeah i'm cheating ).

Might be cheating, but it still looks amazing - as usual [smile]


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Guest Anonymous Poster


Wow! Looking really good! A demo please! You know you could write a benchmark kinda demo (will increase the popularity, give you free testing, and let me and others see this in real-time :D)

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Truly stunning work. I love all the shots where other planets dip behind the horizon and atmosphere of the foreground planet. Beautiful.

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I've been following your work for the past coupld of months. I'm blown away by your progress! I'll be patiently waiting for a demo ;-)

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