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Zelda-Diablo Reassessment

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well, profound as my realization was yesterday(?), it doesn't change the fact that i just want a simple treasure-hutning game that frees me from keyboard and mouse hunching. its something i'd want to be able to port to a gameboy advance (though it would probably never happen) and as such, i want to keep to those input and video restrictions. multiplayer is certainly something i'd love to have in it, but its not an absolute must (noone'd be playing THIS but me ^_^).

i'd honestly like to keep to the simple graphics Zelda: Link's Awakening brought, but it will likely not cut it for a game like this. you're going to need a better view range in this though. having a swarm of monsters attack would be a masterful pain if you didn't have enough time to make a plan of attack/escape because you saw them too late. i suppose there are ways around it, like having a camera system move the view ahead in the direction you were facing.

i guess its the simplicity i'm really aiming for. simple controls, simple graphics system, simple simple simple.
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