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starting a well worn path again. Wish me luck

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Long time no update again.

Well, thanks to all those who have helped me with collision detection. I have used that information in conjunction with some good tutorials and realised that my current LD map format is crap and is too mangled to actually perform collision detection happily and successfully.

Taking that into account I am about to venture on a journey but this journey has already been done before. I'm rewriting HUGE amounts of my level format (thats quite a few months of work) and try and make it neat as possible. My idea is to integrate the level class around a tutorial I have read. I understand the theory behind collision detection but my level format is stored in such an obfuscated way that its almost impossible to do vaguely complex maths on it.

I may even go so far as to scrap the current format and start anew.

I can almost feel the fresh air sweeping over the age old cobwebs of my code [smile].

Well, here I go- starting some calm DJ Shadow and starting up Visual Studio...Wish me luck.

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