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The computer system at work is running painfully slow this morning, so not much work doing and a golden opportunity to post an update to the journal.

Not much programming done lately - very bad of me. Though I have been busy. I've had a week off on holiday. Very nice, thank you! Had a long weekend in Oslo, Norway. Since visiting friends in Sweden last year northern Europe has been opened up to us for holiday visits, as we Brits tend to think of going to southern Europe for warm holidays. Apologies to those countries that often get overlooked. I recommend giving them a visit if you've never considered them. Highlights included the Gustav Vigeland sculpture park, playing arctic explorer at the Fram museum, and playing Viking warrior at the Viking ship museum. This proving especially entertain for my girlfriend as some very basic genetic archaeology might suggest I was of Viking stock and her of Celtic stock so I was in for lot of ribbing for raiding and pillaging her ancestors. The remainder of the week spent visiting her immediate ancestors in Cornwall ahead of spending Christmas with mine.

The other exciting thing I've been busy with - and back on topic for those uninterested in my hols - is sending out job applications and attending interviews for games programming positions. I am very pleased that game dev companies are interested in my CV and demo. Fingers and toes crossed for a second interview with a company developing games for PS3 this afternoon. Hopefully, I'll soon be posting again with good news.
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