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Yet another change of projects. From now on I'll only post about what I am doing, rather than what I plan to do. It seems that if I talk about what hasn't been done yet (eg. future plans) then I lose the conviction to actually do it. I'll just keep my yap shut until I have something to factually talk about and/or show. ;)

Currently working on a project. That's all I'm going to say. Ha. Take that. :P
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Weird. I have the opposite problem. If I don't babble constantly about what I'm working on, I forget what I'm doing, and end up reading GDNet journals instead of writing

Like this. *#&%.

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@Stompy: Yeah, I've noticed this. :) But I'd rather remove the problem than get complacent with it. The more I change projects, the less credibility I'm getting around here. ;)

@Apoch: I can envy that. Share some of those secrets, eh? :D

@Adam: Thanks. I'll give you a nice advert in my next journal entry; seeing as I don't have a nifty sidebar or links listing right now.

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Hey wassap :) Haha, I know what you mean. Sometimes I say all kinds of stuff and then don't. I think sometimes it's useful though, because if I say I'm gonna do something, I'm motivated to know people are watching my back so I better do what I said ;)

Good luck!

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