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So, after not seeing this community for quite some time, I've come back.

Let's recap what happened for the last while:

September: Went to college.
September to mid-November: Partied.
Mid-November: Kicked out of college.

Well, I do plan on reapplying for that course, since it was pretty fun. Also, just college life in general is fun. I made a ton of friends (who I see every weekend to party with, good times), so that's all good.

Also, I'm on meds now (which I should have done years ago). 10 mg of Prozac daily. It keeps me stable, level, and it's not a sedative (bad idea for me, since I used to sleep 16+ hours a day for a while there), but a stimulant. I just feel normal, and it's good. (Although I'm suffering one of the mild side effects right now - which is light headedness.)

But yeah, the stories I could tell about college, oh man... I could probably write a book about those two and a half months. Also, I really did need that time in college - if not for the education, for the friends I made. What's even more awesome, is that I didn't use the Internet hardly at all for that time, I began to forget my computer knowledge and began to learn about more important things in life: friends, socializing, women (yay), and generally just raising hell and having way, way too much fun.

Well, I'm kind of worn out. I'm going to lie down or something.

- Yosh.

EDIT - I guess I might as well mention a few of the good times I had during college (well, of the ones I can remember):

Second week in college I ended up at this girls house with a few other people (two guys, one girl). This girl was hot, a former dealer, and a very genuinely nice person - too bad she moved. Anyway, a few blades later, I was on top of the world. She did a few blades, and one of the guys did a few blades (bad idea for him). Anyway, he had ingested roughly 11 beer that night, so doing a few blades PROBABLY wasn't a great idea, in retrospect. So, we go outside to go to the other girl's house, and buddy decides he's going to take off his shirt, run ahead of us, and steals a parking sign - all done in under five minutes. From what else I can remember, we did see a group of people go barreling down the street horizontal to us with one in a shopping cart and a few others pushing - that was pretty funny (and wouldn't be the first time I saw something like that happening, either). Buddy does eventually come across a letter-sign-dealy and decides to take the "DRY" out of "LAUNDRY" and stuff it in his pants. An unmarked suburban decides to pull up at that moment with two attack dogs in the back. I was about to shit the pants at that moment. Anyway, the cop just told him to put it back luckily. All in all, buddy and his friend took out seven signs - you could still see the path of destruction for weeks throughout town, 'twas funny.

Well, that's all for now, I guess.
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It sounds like you did need to learn more about yourself before heading off into the real world. Now you get to work for a while and make pant loads of money before going back to university/college. This time though, you'll graduate [wink].

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Yeah, I did need college quite a bit just to learn more about myself, and about people in general. I'm still more unsure than ever as to what I want to do with my life, but at least I lived for once.

And, thanks for welcoming me back. :D

More stories will follow!

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