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Stepping on Broken Glass

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Well, I got a book I should have in the beginning of my C/C++ ventures. "Beginning C++ Game Programming," by Michael Dawson and I love it. Most of the stuff I already know but there are some good introduction materials and I found it a nice refresher. I especially enjoyed the vector/iterator section and the chapters on passing/returning references and pointers. Both were very well explained in my opinion. It gives me a foundation. It's not a book on building a DirectX or OpenGL game engine, but nonetheless, excellent.

I got these books in my library so far:
"3D Game Engine Architecture" (Not Read)
"Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0" (Not Read)
"Beginning C++ Game Programming" (Read) (Practicing)
"OpenGL Game Programming" (Read) (Practicing)
"More OpenGL Game Programming" (Not Read)
"Code Complete 2" (Currently Reading)
"UML Distilled" (Not Read)
"The Standard C++ Library" (Not Read)
"C++ Primer" (Not Read)
"Effective C++" (Not Read)
"More Effective C++" (Not Read)
"Essential C++" (Not Read)
"Visual C++ .Net 2003" (Read)
"Programming Windows" (Read)
"Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus" (Read)
(some other C# and VB books)

Needless to say, I'm gonna be reading for a long, long time. Maybe I'll pick up some styles for my own book I'm writing. :)

I saw in the forums that some people think it's a waste of time to try and reinvent the wheel. Yeah, I agree, but I find this Game Engine stuff interesting.

No OpenGL work today :( I want to make something cool. I'll have to figure out how to read in images and UVM/Blender meshes to move on to the next step. The code from the OpenGL book I have isn't quite compiling on VS 2005 (must be me).

I'm reading Code Complete 2 right now and I must say the first 5 Chapters are great. Problem statement, requirements, architecture... I'm gonna be staring at these pages over and over for years to come. Now I just need more detailed information. Oh no, more books to buy.
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You should see my library, at minimal I spend around $300 everytime I buy books.

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I can see how expensive it gets now! Problem is, now I can't stop reading these great books. It's gonna cost me sleep as well as money. Jeez!

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