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TI Z80 Development Gets Cool

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This excites me greatly - integrating a debugging emulator into Latenite is very, very awesome. CoBB's emulator is incredibly good as a standalone, being able to step through your code instruction-by-instruction with breakpoints and a watch window or two is just amazing! [smile]

I spent most of the last few days working on Brass - adding for loops to assemble blocks of code multiple times and a few file operations for people not happy with the behaviour of .incbin. I also remembered to release an XML help file for Latenite.

The Marble Madness engine project has been plodding along in the background - I've written a fast masked, clipped, 16x16 sprite routine and have started tackling the big problem of mapping the ball's 3D coordinates to the screen (easy) and then to a heightmap (hard) for Physics.

Have a marble rolling off a ledge then bouncing off the right screen boundary. [wink]
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are you generating the heightmap out of the tilemap?

if so wouldnt it be easier the other way round? so that you have the heightmap and the engine renders the level before the game starts and stores it somewhere (enough ram? I have no idea about TI development ;) )

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The problem is indeed space and size. And speed, come to think of it.
Creating the 2D scrolling tilemap from the heightmap would require a 3D "model" of the world (multiple heights), which would slow down things a lot (doing the isometric 3D rendering) and take up a massive amount of room.
My way around this was to have a simple 2D tilemap for what the user sees, and a 2D heightmap that just holds the highest Z coordinate for the 3D X,Y coordinates, as well as a block type for the Physics engine. It's linking the two together that's quite tricky [smile]

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Wow, that's looking really neat ben :) Can we run this stuff on an emulator, I'm guessing that's how you're getting those gifs. I like the style, keep it up :)

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