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Here we go!

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Ok, after 4 years of programming I think I am ready to move past my current projects. Thus far I have been working on demos and learning how the different parts of the language work. I have dabbled in DirectDraw, SDL, OpenGL, and have decided to start Direct3D.

Moving to the next level I am going to attempt a single player RPG with LUA scripting. I believe I can do this from a programming stand point and will need to continue to polish my graphics skills. To start, I will be making the graphics engine as a set of base code. Initially the core set of features will be limited to what I need to "make it work" but will be expanded as the game matures. Since this is a learning project and I don't have any real deadlines I'll be forced to impose a set of realistic deadlines to work from so I can stay productive.

The initial storyline of the game to my mind is not as important as getting the basic engine up and running. I do, however, have a base concept for the story with a lot of extra features I would like to include. The first step in the journey will be to create a logical and functional design document along with an estimated schedule to base production against. Of course, the document will be flexible but the time frame will not. Along with using it to base my production against, I am also using it to see realistically how long the project takes in each phase so I can visually see where I under or over estimated. Heh, it can only help in the end :)

Well, not time like the present so here I go . . .
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Welcome to journal land... hope you stay awhile... hope you stay forever. [grin] *evil genius laugh*

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Hello and welcome! Nice to see another journal!

I like single player RPG projects; the only thing stopping me starting one of my own is that I fear it will take several years to do properly [smile].

What kind of gameplay/graphics feel are you going for (SNES, FF7, Ultima, Fallout, something totally different)?

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Yay more journals!

You might want to talk to EDI and check out his journal as he's currently working on a Lua based adventure game. He's also had some experience working on another RPG/adventure game.

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