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Sounds of Silence

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Well, I tried to start a thread on AI ideas for games. glSmurf was the only one who responded. I don't know why, I'm pretty sure people are interested. I'll try to keep it going for a while, maybe people will join in.

In other news, it was a rainy day today. Got quite a bit of work to do and probably will be sitting around in the chat room (lurking) while I do it. I still am unhappy with some notation in the little tutorial. I think I will change it a bit.
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Maybe posting sweet snippets about AI every day in your journal might be a nice idea? Pose a problem (like the sliding tiles puzzle) and a potential solution with pseudocode.

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The good news is when you talk to yourself, atleast you know someone's listening. I'm very interested in ai, but the tutorial on neural nets was a little confusing with all the algebraic labels and formulations. You may get a better response if you can use a simpler scheme, if you're really trying to help others learn the stuff, keep in mind a lot of us are simply hobbyist. It is straight foward if you take the time to study it, but a lot of people might not, so I guess it's about who it is your trying to help. I like cheese.

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Thanks DecipherOne. Yeah I wrote a few tutorials way back in my journal that were meant to be easy to understand. I meant the most recent one to be a little more advanced. Of course I was just doing this last one as an exercise for myself and thought someone might find it useful. Anyway, I'll try to water it down when I get a chance. It'll be pretty tough finding time to write these things until this week is done. Busy!

I realize some people on these boards are just high school students who may not have had calculus so I try to keep it simple if I can.

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