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Cleaning up the dust...

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*blows off the dust*

Hm, might as well use this thing since I have it.

I've been meaning to get back into programming at home, out side of work. Now that I have a new kick ass PC I plan to do it.

First on my list:
I want to make a GUI sytem. Fully features and skinable. I want to experiment with being able to use this sytem create in game tools. To avoid some of the headaches I deal with at work. Working with integrated tools that are build with MFC, while the core app is Win32.

Thats first on my list.. more to come later :)
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Hey welcome to journal land. I see you used to live in Winter Park, I lived there for some time. Like it in Madison? It is not that far from where I live now. If you know Aurelio Reis tell him Shea said hello. Here is some + for you.

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