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Quadrics Problem

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I am currently revising my Pong demo, and I''d like to use an actual circle instead of a square. The program stops when it reaches the gluDisk line however (program has caused an error in GLU32.DLL). So, here''s what I''m doind: GLUquadricObj *circle; Init code:
    circle = gluNewQuadric();
    if(circle = 0) {
        EruLog.Output("   ERROR: Not enough memory to create quadrics object");
    else {
        EruLog.Output("   Quadric object created successfully");
Drawing code: gluDisk(circle,0,3,32,32); Any suggestions?

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Erm, shouldn''t it be:

if (circle == 0) {

Maybe that''s the problem, it could be setting it to 0 then trying to use it.

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Ahh, the old C++ brain fart strikes again. Thanks for pointing that out. Didn''t even bother to read through my code thoroughly. I''ve gotten better, but I still assign instead of comparing from time to time. My CS teacher started making people put $0.25 in the poor box everytime she saw a stupid mistake like that.

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