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Reading / writing JPEG's, GIF's or PNG's, how?

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Hello, Reading and writing bmp''s is really simple, but now I want to use a format that is less space-consuming. So the question that I am going to ask is really simple, I am just hoping on a clever answer. How can I read/write JPEG''s, GIF''s and PNG''s? I am not expecting huge sourcecode-snippets, but maybe you know a link to a nice website that I can visit to start on the subject. And maybe more general: what is the best way to find info on a fileformat? Using google always gives bad results. I end up on sites who are offering programs to edit them. But that is not what I want. Thanks for reading my post, and maybe you can help me...

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libjpeg and libpng.

both come with readme files that walk you through creating a function to load/save in appropriate formats.

edit: gifs are evil, why would you want to use them anyway?

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