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3D view: exact coordinates?

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Faze    122
I'm developing a 2D game, but the tiles and all other art will be rendered in 3D. I want the tiles in an isometric view, but instead of the tiles being symmetrical, I want it sort of 'twisted.' What I mean is: a normal isometric border has its lines at a slope of .2 My tiles are going to have slopes of .4 and .1 My question is... what are the exact X, Y, and Z coordinates that I can position a camera at, so that it will view a 50 x 50 tile with slopes of .4 and .1? A picture of what I want the result to look like was done in MSPaint just to help you understand. The top one is a normal isometric tile, and the bottom is what my tiles are going to look like. Edit - I forgot to mention that the camera viewing the tiles and other models is in orthographic mode, so that takes out the whole perspective section. [edited by - Faze on March 6, 2003 11:26:06 AM] [edited by - Faze on March 6, 2003 11:23:57 PM]

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Osc    122
You''d find this a lot easier if you worked with rotations instead of translations :-)

Rotate about the up axis by an angle corresponding to the slope you want, then rotate about the right axis to look down onto the tiles.

If you *must* use translations, then you need to position your camera at an offset corresponding to your slope. ie.

cam.pos.x = target.pos.x - (dist);
cam.pos.y = target.pos.y + height;
cam.pos.z = target.pos.z - (dist * slope);

then do your look-at-target code.

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