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Well I was following all instructions to the letter but when it came time to size up my partitions there was a problem. Even though I am using a 40GB harddrive, windows is only recognizing 35.6GB of it. Also, FIPS would only allow me to make the size of the new partition 3.5GB even though I show having over 16GB free of which I was planning to use 8GB for the Red Hat install. I ran FDISK and noticed that there was an extended DOS partition of about 5GB with a label of SYSTEM_SAV. Not sure what this is as I don''t run any sort of backup software, unless ME is doing something that I am not aware of. ANy idea here? I can''t access that drive from inside of Windows. It only shows up under FDISK. This is quite frustrating. I did a RESTORRB and am back where I started and am now going to give BOCHS another look. Annoying dual boot crap! Webby

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