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Lil' Game Progin' GUI Question ....

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klubbkid    122
Hey, I''m almost done the basic map engine for my DX7 DDRAW RPG I''m just curious as to how to implement a character equip screen ala Diablo style...any help? I know I can use an array of say 5x3 which can hold the items...but I''m more interested in how to do the windows, and trap clicks in them, move them, etc Thanks, - Derek

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DekuTree64    1168
I''ve never played Diablo, so I''m not sure what the menu system''s like, but it sounds like you just need to learn Win32. I don''t know much about it myself, so I can''t give you any advice, but most likely has plenty of info on it.


DK Art (my site, which has little programming-related stuff on it, but you should go anyway^_^)

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Tornado    122
Make a class, call it CInterface, for example.
This class will handle your lovely GUI
It''ll draw the UI whenever needed, and will do whatever needs to be done when you click on something, for example
There''s alot of ways to do this, you can catch the clicks in your mouse with a function you''ll call Process_Mouse(); or something similar.
This function will be able to tell if the mouse moves-over one of the menus/clicks on it.
As for the windows, you could make each one of them seperatly (in PSP/Photoshop/whatever) and then draw them.

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