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A month now I am playing with a program called Quest3D. Dont know if you heard it but I downloaded the demo and it is quite powerfull. Anyway I am doing my MSc in Special Effects and I was thinking on maybe using this program for my final project. However, since my final project will play a vital role in my future you think that I am doing the right thing choosing this program?If you havent looked at it then please do so, . I mean this thing uses a flowchart way of programming which is nothing more than a wrapper of directx, has lua support, loads of features and for the next version, from what the devs are saying, they will have dx9, shading language while this time the DEMO supports, AI, physics, network etc. I mean this is a loaded weapon. I could go of course with my first choice for my final project which was OGL and Cg but I will lie to you if I told you that Q3D is not good. I really liked the programming way BUT since this is going to play a vital role for future jobs I am thinking that by saying that I know only Q3D, Lua and HLSL what jobs could I get? Any opinions?

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