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Unity [.net] Community .NET game library development

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With the recent increase in interest in .NET development here on gamedev I've been mulling on the idea of a community-developed game library for .NET that would bring together our own code, other .NET libraries (eg. Tao) and non-.NET libraries (eg. ODE) into a single library to help promote game development using .NET. I realize there has been a previous attempt with this in C++ that died miserably, however every man and his dog has tried to make just such a library. With the relative newness of .NET to the game development world this isn't the case. Also with the current availability of the Express beta's (with the final releases expected mid 2005?) these cheaper IDE's will no doubt bring more game developers to .NET. (perhaps the library should target .NET 2.0 features?) Anyway, this post is really just a feeler for if there would be anyone else interested in working on this. Anyone interested in using or even working on such a library feel free to post any comments/suggestions/etc. For those who want to post ".NET is teh slooowwww for l337 games!!", fuck off.

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Good luck, I admire projects that seem to be able to move forward despite developers never having physically met.

I think there is a .Net port of OGRE if you are talking about game engine libraries here.

I expect some people will post C# is a waste of time despite your warning - I personally think that C# and Java are underrated when it comes to application within the games problem domain.

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Well, for the time being I'm just seeing if there is enough interest before putting and real work into it. The engine your thinking of is Axiom and is just a rendering engine rather than a complete game engine.

What I'd like to see this project become though is more of a general gaming library that could then be used to create a game. Sure there will be components of an engine present, but they generally won't be tied together as they would be in an engine.

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.NET is teh slooowwww for l337 games!!

Good luck, I'm not particularily interested in the idea, but I will still wish you good luck!

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I am learning C# / .net and creating my own c# engine at the moment.
I think its a very clean and nice language.

One of the things I miss in C# are const functions / function parameters. >:)
And float trigo funcs in the .net math lib. =P

All, in all.. I would like to help. :)

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Original post by Washu
.NET is teh slooowwww for l337 games!!

Right!! I'll 'av you!!!

Original post by
All, in all.. I would like to help. :)

Thanks, but the interest level is looking a little bleak. If there aren't many people interested I'll probably just work on it myself. Thanks for your interest though!

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The problem I have always had with such predefined engines is that they don't fit what I want to do. Yes, of course, it makes sense on a commercial game to use an existing engine and force your design into it. But for hobby level programming I don't want to learn how to use someone else's API - I want to see effects RIGHT NOW.

As for C# being too slow: pffft. If there's a bottleneck it's in Managed DirectX and how it interacts with the system. It's not C# itself. The framework and the language are perfect for rapid development.

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Maybe, but after I have finished my game, got a girlfriend and a new graphics card (current one is pre-2000), and made a terrain engine.

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