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Introducing The Worlds Easiest 3D Library

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The newest Genesis3D library (EasyGen3D) has been put up for download today, you can download this amazing library from:

The creator of EasyGen3D (Matthew Ellis) has modified the current Genesis3D Direct3D driver to support 32 bpp rendering and 24 bit z-buffers!

The newest version of EasyGen3D supports the following features:

New Direct3D Driver!
Very easy setup of Genesis3D
Very easy setup of a world
Very easy setup of the camera
Very easy setup of beginning and ending the rendering process
Very easy rendering of a world
Very easy FPS display
Very easy to slow down games that run to fast.
Loading and displaying bitmaps
Loading and displaying alpha bitmaps (thanks Sylvain Rochette for the alpha code)
Loading actors
External Entity support
Electric bolt
Dynamic Lighting
Very easy to add features to your game that isn't currently supported by EasyGen3D

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