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'lo all. I am new to this forum and to game programming in genral. I am currently learning C & C++ by the means of 'C++ for Dummies' 'C++ in easy steps" and more importantly: 'Game programming all in one'. I have read most tutorials here at GameDev and I am using 'Dev C++' with the great 'allegro' library. Any suggestions on what I should read/do after 'All in one'? *Thanks* ________________________________________________________________________________ "A wise man fears the lord, a fool say there is no god"

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If i could pick one thing to say first, create functions that take common sense everyday input, and preform large time saving tasks.
make a function that loads and places a character, so you dont have to rewrite 50 lines of code each time you want to load a character.
and so on.

pick a direction(allegro I guess)

small scenes

basic geometry/model desing

geometry/model import

geometry/model orienting

geometry/model collision

simple physics

for non one screen puzzle games:

geometry sorting be location

geometry retreiving by location

collision with retrieved geometry from location

geometry culling(hiding non seen geometry for improved framerate)

advanced model/texture design


advanced collision detection

and other stuff, probably simpler to learn from here inclusing designing your game interface or using templated graphical user interfaces

optional to different degrees:

networking, portability

very useful:

making tools to automate processes you have to do over and over.

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Like a piece of a engine? Thats a good idea, thanks. I am currently a fifth of the way through 'all in one' but as soon as i finish i shall try that.

"I can do all things through he who gives me strenth"

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If you have been programming a while and you find you really enjoy it, you should pick up a copy of
Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
. I've never read the book cover to cover; yet, it is nice, whenever you have time, to flip to a random item and learn something interesting about C++ and at the same time improve your coding style.

The book is not specific to games, but it is important as a programmer to really understand what goes on underneath the hood of C++.

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