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unknown linker error

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zappernapper    186
i'm unfamiliar with this linker error, could someone explain to me what it's saying?
undefined reference to `vtable for Map'
Map is a class i have defined, but i have no idea what vtable is, i have no variables or functions named that. Included headers are <windows.h> and <vector> might i be accidentally overriding on of their classes?

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Tesl    211
As a rule of thumb id say you shouldnt name your classes the same as the STL classes, because it can be a cause of confusion when other people read your code. Even if its just cMap instead of Map, thats clearer :]

I can only imagine vtable references the table created to keep track of virtual functions (and making sure the correct functions are called). Iv never had this error before, so im not exactly sure myself =/

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