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I wish to get started into Linux gamedevelopment. Anyone could point me to links or resources to help me ? I have already looked into an IDE and found CodeForge ( www.codeforge.com ) which seems adaquate at first glance. If you have recomendations Id be happy to hear them on this or anything else. BTW, im familiar with windows game programming. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY'RE FOOLING : YOU ?
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If you are familiar with DX you might wan´t to use SDL(www.libsdl.org),there is also Clanlib(Very object oriented) and allegro and...

After you start programming your Killer Linux game take very well look of info and man pages.Interesting topics(automake,autoconfig,g++,gcc,make...).
Check out also LDP(Linux documentation project) for tips about Linux programming.

Before you start using IDE I suggest you to make few programs with text tools to get familiar.

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Yes, it''s definitely a good idea to learn the usage of bare textmode tools first.
My personal favorite IDE is KDevelop. Be sure to get the latest version (1.4 as of now), it comes along with KDE2.1 (www.kde.org). I didn''t even try CodeForge because I realized they intentionally left out some important features in the freeware edition. Now KDevelop might not be the best right now, but you don''t have to fear a limited free edition with it.


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