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openGL & Voodoo2, really posible?

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I would like to know if it is really posible programming any thing (some thing) in openGL, and have the benefits of the aceleration of my Voodoo2 card. Really pleased.

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Yes, it really is possible! I''ve searched all over the web to find out how to get my Voodoo1 to work. Lots of sites claimed to know how to do it, but nothing worked. Then I accidently bumped into this info, which works for my Voodoo1:
- Copy it to the same dir as the EXE you want use your Voodoo2
- Rename the DLL to OpenGL32.dll
A thing to keep in mind though: this is (as far as I know) actually a ''hack'': the DLL fools Windows into thinking that the Voodoo IS your primary card (while your app runs). The restrictions: my (Voodoo1 version) only runs in 640x480x16. Voodoo2 will prolly go up to 800x600, but won''t go above 16bit (will fail to set RC, or even crash).


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it is possible but there are some difficulties you have to deal with,

first of all, your program will only be accelerated while running in fullscreen-mode

second, the proper dll will not be automatically detected, you can either load it dynamically (you should find info on this when you do a search) or, more easily, go to WINDOWS\SYSTEM and copy 3DFX32V2.DLL into your executable's directory, then rename it to opengl32.dll (the 3dfx logo should appear if everything is working)

BTW: the voodoo will try to switch to fullscreen wether you are running in fullscreen mode or not, so DON'T use windowed mode

Edited by - kvh on April 24, 2001 4:53:47 PM

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