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my treeview doesn't have WM_MOUSEMOVE?

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Funkymunky    1413
I created a treeview like this:
	hTree=CreateWindowEx(0, WC_TREEVIEW, 0, 
	0, 0, 200, 300, hWnd, NULL, hInstance, NULL); 
I thought that its owner, hWnd, would recieve WM_MOUSEMOVE messages. But it doesnt. How do I get that message? Or should I be getting the message as I thought, but I'm screwing something else up? [Edited by - Funkymunky on April 22, 2008 11:15:00 PM]

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MJP    19791
Control owners don't get the messages of their children, they only get whatever notification messages the control decides it wants to send to the owner. In the case of a tree-view, the notifications are listed here.

However you should be able to subclass the control, if you want. If you do that, your function will receive the control's messages first so you can respond to them however you like.

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