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Simple shape recognition

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Hi guys! I'm doing a simple game project for university. The tricky part is the input: The game has to be controlled via WebCam (the player is waving around a blue postcard in front of the cam). Now here's the problem: How can I find the position and rotation of the postcard from the captured image? I already post-processed the image a little to make it Black and white. Take a look at the pictures below: First one shows the post processed image (256x256), the second one what I would like to have (the four corners). Two Pictures So for the human eye it's very easy to find the rectangle in this picture...but for my PC? I actually don't have the slightest clue how to approach this... Can you help me out?

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Suggestion #1:
1) "morphological open" to reduce noise
2) apply edge detector, e.g. Canny
3) hough transform, extract 4 highest peaks (assuming you know the target is always a quadrilateral)
4) intersect lines to find corner points

Suggestion #2:
1) edge-preserving smooth filter (e.g. bilateral)
2) segment the image using boundary representation of regions
3) calculate min-area oriented bounding box

Both will probably do well, it's just a question of convenience depending on what libraries you have available - more low-level image processing, or rather geometric tools.

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