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on the oche

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gooday, since finding a dart game called "on the oche" last week, ive been searching the net for days for a way to contact the makers of this game because there is no way to register this game online, i found this site gamedev where the creators had made a post about their game "on the oche".... does anyone on this site have a way to contact them or perhaps give info on why registration isn't available ??? im not a game developer, i dont have the nous' for that, so i hope my request doesnt annoy anyone, but i would desperately like a full version of this game... any info would be greatly appreciated.

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i'll try and pm them, but judging by when they made their last post, i dont think they have been to this site for some time..

ive also been to their site,, and i emailed them but the email came back undelivered..

i also googled "touch mechanics", and the search shows..

Touch Mechanics
Touch Darts. - 4k - Cached - Similar pages

which takes you to the "seriesone software" site...

the strange thing is that "touch darts" is a darts game put out by sega, and its played on some kind of nintendo handheld console...

so im wondering if seriesone sold their product to sega, ive seen posts from two years ago where people have not been able to purchase "on the oche" over the internet...

its a great game, you can get the demo from

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