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Default SDL Cursors?

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Hey, I would like to change the cursor for my application when they roll over a button or etc... So, that means that I either need to make my own cursor or use the default ones in SDL. My problem is that I don't know how to change the cursor to another default cursor... By default, I mean not a custom one that I made... I'm almost entirely sure that there are several built-in cursors for SDL, but I can't find a list of them or how to use them... I would very much like to know if their are any SDL cursors, and if there are then I'd like to know how to use them... If there aren't any default ones, can someone explain how to get SDL to get the cursor from a bitmap or .cur file? (This cursor change is mainly just so I can demonstrate it basically... I don't really care if the defaults look bad etc. Just tell me the easy / best way to get a cursor to change on my screen please). By cursor, I mean the image for my cursor by the way... -- If you don't understand what I mean, if I'm saying something wrong or you need additional information just leave a post asking about it please ^_^ --

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this is the opengl forum so I assume youre using SDL+opengl

then forget about OS cursors
SDL_ShowCursor( SDL_DISABLE );
to hide the cursor + then just draw a texture where the cursor is, this way the cursor can be animated/unlimited colors/size etc

practically every existing game does it this way

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