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Help with calling functions

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I have a bunch of functions(F1,F2,...,Fn) and I'm going to be calling them at random. They're a little too many for me to use branching such as: if(random == 1) F1(); else if(random == 2) F2(); ... Is there any way for me to be able to call a function by using a variable as the function name, something like Fi(); (i being the random number). My guess is it would have something to do with delegates, but I'm not really familiar with them. I'm using Visual Studio 2008, C# Thanks in advance

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Use an array of delegates (or, more generally, a Dictionary):

using System;

public class Program
string fn1()
{ return "fn1"; }

string fn2()
{ return "fn2"; }

public static void Main()
Func<string>[] funcs = {fn1, fn2};

int i = getMagicNumber();

(Google 'Func delegate MSDN')

Basically, Func is a generic delegate class representing a function that takes up to 4 arguments and returns a value:

Func<string> f is string f()
Func<int, string> f is string f(int)
Func<int, int, string> f is string f(int, int)
Func<int, int, int, string> f is string f(int, int, int)
Func<int, int, int, int, string> f is string f(int, int, int, int)

Beyond that you'll need to define your own delegate (or consider refactoring the function to have fewer arguments).

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