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Fmod + Winsock (Voice Chatting, C++)

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Hello, I'm working on voice chat and I have a second thread that gets the user voice each milisecond and sends it to the server. What I want to know is how can I get the 'sound' into a variable so I can send it to the server through Winsock for a structure?
system->recordStart(0, sound, true);

sendPack.code = 0; Letting the server know this is a voice.

//Example of what I am looking for.
sound.GetSoundBuffer(sendPack.buffer); //Get the recorded sound made in a milisecond.

//Winsock send function
send(s, (char const *)&sendPack, (int) sizeof(sendPack), 0);


Also if someone can correct me on this source code if I have something that isn't right about the recording let me know, I haven't tested this yet.

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Well the point of doing this is not to take short cuts, all I need to know is what function has the 'sound data' of what makes the noise and I can just put it in a variable to pass it through winsock. This should be a simple question, but the way I see it, it looks like a question that the 'all knowing' Fmod creates would only know.

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